Springtime and Summer

The oropa amphithetare-like valley in late spring and summer

A few kilometers away from the cities of the north-west of Italy, Oropa is at 1200 meters above the sea level. From here, a cableway will take you to Oropa Sport (Oropa amphitheater-like valley)  at around 1900 meters above the sea level.


The Panorama

A unique and sunny location with a wonderful view towards the plain

The lake



Distant only a handful of minutes, the Mucrone lake can be easily reached on foot.





The trails

Many trails from Oropa Sport will allow you to reach various mountains in the Biella Pre-Alps at above 2300m above the sea level.

Credits: www.siriobluevision.it

Mountain bike and downhill

There are different possibilities to practice this sport, also from Oropa Sport (1900m above the sea level) to Biella for a total of 1500m height difference.





Free climbing and Via Ferratas

Oropa Verticale (vertical Oropa): almost 200 pitches (one rope length) and one alpine route.

Via Ferratas (hiking trails) with various levels of difficulty.

Relax, nature and sun

If you prefer to relax and spend one or more days outdoor, in a sunny location in the wilderness, there are many refuges and lodges/chalets with bar/restaurant service.


If you prefer to use this means of transport, there is a bus line from Biella that can take you straight to the cableway departure station (line 360 ATAP – info at www.atapspa.it).

Near to the cableway there is also a camping area for motorhomes/campers.