Winter in Oropa

The oropa amphithetare-like valley in the winter season: zero snow miles

Alpine skiing, ski mountaineering, snowshoes or just walking and relaxing in the snow a few miles from the the cities in the north-west Piedmont, enjoying a remarkable exposure to the sun and a unique view towards the plain.


Alpine Skiing (downhill)


One of the ski resorts closest to the north-western cities and the nearest to Biella and Vercelli. Two cableways, a beginner magic carpet and a 360° panorama from the top of Monte Camino that yoi can reach with the “Cestovia” refurbished in 2017. From there you can ski down to Oropa without taking your skis off, with a 1200m / 3900 feet height difference.

Freeride trails


  • Malpartus
  • Parete Nord Anticima
  • Canale Paradiso e pendii sotto al Mucrone
  • Canale della Ceva
  • Traversata Oropa Valle Elvo
  • Traversata Oropa valle Cervo
  • Est del Camino

Baby ski

A beginners treadmill near the departure station at around 1250m altitude.

Ski mountaineering


The practice of ski mountaineering is very developed on the Biella Alps, where aided by the special climate the snow quickly transitions and terrain allows various and pleasant trips, without extreme differences in height but with frequent changes of scenery and slope, which is quite nice and all but monotonous. Many trips are ideal for those who are at the beginning of the fascinating practice of ski mountaineering, while other paths face rough and wild slopes, interspersed with jumps of rock and steps difficult to detect. Especially in case of fog  great caution is required since these trips require excellent skills and good knowledge of the terrain as well as safe snow conditions. It is always necessary to use suitable equipment (including ARTVA avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe)



Snowshoes allow you to move easily on the snow. They are suitable for everyone, adults and children, and are a great way to get close to hiking in the snow.

Possibility to hire for adults and children at the “Casetta dello sci di fondo della Pista Paradiso” (managed by Pietro Micca Association).
It is also possible to book guided tours.